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We’re a natural gas storage & international transportation company based in Texas

The Brasil Field storage facility will allow the ability to balance peak loads by consumers, the ability to play price arbitrage on natural gas, and the ability for Mexico to create a Mexico Natural Gas Hub for gas pricing and stability. This facility is a depleted natural gas reservoir with the ability to store 786 BCF of natural gas.

Concho Line

94-mile bi-directional pipeline known as the Concho Line connecting the Concho Extension to a new international crossing at the México border near Progreso, Texas, known as the Progreso Crossing.

Concho Extension

46-mile bi-directional pipeline known as the Concho Extension connecting pipelines in the Banquete / Agua Dulce area to Falfurrias, Texas.

Progreso Line

36-mile bi-directional pipeline known as the Progreso Pipeline connecting the Progreso Crossing to PEMEX’s Station 19 in México.

Progreso II Ext.

67-mile bi-directional pipeline known as the Progreso II Extension connecting the Progreso Pipeline at Station 19 to the Los Ramones interconnect in México.

Storage Line

14-mile bi-directional pipeline known as the Storage Line connecting the Progreso Crossing to the Brasil Storage Field in Tamaulipas, México.
Team Mirage

Meet the team at Mirage Energy

Michael’s vast experience in the oil and gas industry spans over 45 years. He has developed multiple cross-border projects in Mexico and continues to pursue projects to build and promote Mexico’s oil and gas infrastructure.
Michael R. Ward
With 13 years in the energy sector, John has worked in the upstream, midstream and downstream side of the business. He is responsible for building Mirage's identity through branding as well as business development and acquisitions.
John W. Dosser
With over 10 years of expertise in the fields of exploration and production, midstream transmission, and propane services, Patrick is an integral part of the develop team responsible for making Mirage into the company it is today.
Patrick C. Dosser
(210) 858-3970
900 Isom, Ste 306, San Antonio, TX 78216
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